This page is aimed at the visiting musicians who join us from the mainland for every concert. Our UK fixer is Paul Skinner.  If you are interested in playing for the JSO and you are from the mainland please contact us.

Whilst here you will be hosted by a local family in their homes.  Rehearsals for the concert take place during the evening so that gives you plenty of time during the day to explore our wonderful island. Here are some websites that you might find useful before and during your visit:

www.jersey.com – the official Jersey Tourism site

www.avisjersey.co.uk – Just one car hire company for you to check out.

www.durrell.org – Jersey Zoo, a must for every visitor to the island!  Take a picnic and make it a whole day out.

www.jerseywartunnels.com – find out about all our WW2 and Occupation history

www.jerseyheritage.org & www.nationaltrust.je– all the history you could possibly want.

www.valleyadventure.je – everything from rock climbing, abseiling, aerial trekking and a zipwire.   Just don’t come away with any injuries!!

At the first rehearsal you will be provided of details of social events that will take place during the week of the concert.

Visiting Players